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Satellite Services BV, The Netherlands
Satellite Services BV is a major supplier of field proven, high quality systems both hardware and software solutions to ESA/CCSDS related Data Communications, Simulation systems, Unit/System level Test Equipment, Data Processing and customer specific solutions.

Their products are used in a wide variety of Companies, Organisations and Institutes involved in Aero-Space activities. Their products are used extensively in Assembly, Integration, Test and Post Launch Operations of Spacecrafts.
Some of the major products offered by Satellite Services BV are:
  • Telemetry & Telecommunication Systems including TTC and TM/TC, Front-End Equipment, IF Transceivers, Modems, Spacecraft TC/TM Interfaces, TM/TC Simulations etc.
  • High speed Demodulators for reception of Remote Sensing data upto 320 MBPS with built-in Test Modulator and Bit Error Rate Tester.
  • Satellite On-Board Data Handling Equipment including OBDH Bus Masters, RTU/ICU Simulators, Bus Probe etc.
  • Real Time Simulators and Spacecraft Simulators etc.
  • A Range of SpaceWire / IEEE 1355 products.
Apart from offering a broad range of standard products, Satellite Services BV also undertakes custom development of hardware/software to meet specific customer requirements in the above areas.
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