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Satlantic Incorporated, Canada
Ocean Monitoring Workstation
The Ocean Monitoring Workstation (OMW) of Satlantic Incorporated concentrates on remote ocean monitoring solutions; it provides information for vessel detection at sea, oil spill monitoring of the maritime environment over large scales. The workstation reduces gigabytes of raw imagery to kilobytes of useful information, using advanced algorithms based on well-validated research.  
Vessel Detection
  • The Vessel Detection Module provides a quick, accurate and well-validated tool for finding and tracking ships at sea.
  • The output is in the form of a hard copy map and table or digital (soft copy) output detailing ship locations, speeds and headings. The digital output provides timely input to tracking and decision support operations. The resulting information is clear, concise, and easily communicated.
  • The Vessel Detection Module aids surveillance applications for national defence, for fisheries enforcement, and fordrug interdiction.

Oil Spill Monitoring

  • The Oil Spill Monitoring Module locates and isolates areas of ocean that are potentially contaminated.
  • The system turns imagery into detailed maps of the spill area and derives extent parameters for electronic transmission. The information product was designed for ease of use in an operational environment.
  • Oil Spill Monitoring with the Ocean Monitoring Workstation facilitates decision support in oil spill analysis, tracking, forcasting, and clean-up.
Ocean wave Monitoring
  • The Ocean Wave Module derives wave height, period and direction from SAR imagery with accuracy and coverage exceeding traditional satellite methods.
  • The output information (accessed as wave maps or as input to a wave model) is used for up-to-date analysis of seastate and as input to forecasting systems.
Ocean Wind Monitoring
  • The Ocean Wind Module uses surface variations related to wind effects to calculate ocean winds.
  • Wind speed and direction maps are output to provide estimates of the winf field for meteorological or research applications.
  • The Ocean Monitoring Workstation OMW implements state-of-the-art wind retrieval alogorithms that have been validated in operational programmes.
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