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Reach Technologies Inc. Canada

High Speed Digital Data Recorders

Reach Technologies Inc. Canada designs and manufactures High Speed Digital Data Recorders for the aerospace market. These recorders are designed for use in both operational Telemetry systems and for the development of Telemetry systems. They are suitable for spacecraft to ground telemetry recording and aircraft to ground telemetry recording.


Bit Error Rate Testers

Bit Error Rate Testers of Reach Technologies are specifically made for testing High speed communications systems in aerospace and Telecom markets. These BERT’s are designed for testing synchronous serial telemetry and communication links.


Telemetry Interfaces

These High Speed Telemetry Interfaces are PCI bus based and are ideally suited for Aerospace market. These are compatible with both PC and Workstation based systems. These interfaces support both input and output of synchronous serial telemetry data...

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