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MI Technologies LLC, USA

MI Technologies, LLC develops, markets and supports Automated Microwave Test and Measurement Systems for the Satellite Communications, PCS and Wireless Communications, Transportation, Aerospace and Defense industries.

These systems are used by the customers to measure and ensure the satisfactory performance of Satellites, Radio Transmitters, Wireless ground stations, Radar Systems, Guided Missiles and for EMI/EMC emissions.

MI Technologies is the leading global supplier of Microwave Instrumentation Products, Systems and Technologies for Antenna, Component, Radome and Radar Cross Section Measurements.


Their Product offerings include fully integrated turnkey Microwave Test and Measurement Systems and Hardware and Software products which can be integrated by customers or enhancements to existing systems.


Far-Field Ranges, Compact Ranges and Near-Field Ranges are the three basic physical layouts used to test and measure all types of antennas. MI Technologies offers a variety of comprehensive measurement methods:

*Far-Field Ranges
*Compact Ranges
*Near-Field Ranges
*Automatic Measurement Systems


Apart from Manufacturing and supplying several "FIRST" products for the Antenna industry, MI Technologies also provides a gamut of services through their Customer Support Division in the areas of:

  • Range Design, Layout, Evaluation and Range Relocation.
  • Range Probe Services.
  • Equipment Refurbishment.
  • Range Operation Services and Operator Training.
  • Software Maintenance Contracts.
  • Precision Mechanical Alignment.
  • Fully Automated Antenna Measurement Systems.
  • Positioners and Model Towers.
  • Feeds, STD Gain Horns and Antennas.
  • High Speed 16 Channel Microwave Receiver.
  • A Range of Application Oriented Measurement Software.



More than forty-five years ago MI Technologies defined the concept of antenna measurements with the introduction of the first Microwave Antenna Pattern Recorder. They have continued to maintain their market dominance with introduction of innovative products continuously. Latest in the long list of innovative products is MI 3610 Amplitude Measurement System for PCS and Cellular Antenna Measurement at a very affordable price.

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