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ITRES Research Limited, Canada

ITRES focus is on environmental information and accurately measuring it…

ITRES' business is airborne digital mapping camera technologies and their application.

ITRES' airborne digital hyperspectral camera systems combine the sophistication of satellite imagery with the practicalities of aerial photography.

A Little More About ITRES…

Established in 1979, ITRES is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. ITRES has two satellite offices, located in Victoria, Canada, and Englewood, Colorado, USA. ITRES has been commercially selling airborne hyperspectral sensors since 1989.

A Little More About What ITRES Do…

Their business activities are centered on three complementary axes:

1. Research: Their strength in conducting commercial research is the keystone that supports both instrument development and applications activities. Based on solid scientific first principles, just some of Research Group's activities include:

   a) Airborne imaging technology and algorithm development.

   b) Custom design/fabrication of optical lens assemblies.

   c) Innovative algorithm development for land mine and UXO detection.

  d) Application developments (e.g. vegetation species classification and automated determination of forests and attributes).

2. Instrumentation:
ITRES designs and builds a suite of commercial airborne hyperspectral mapping cameras. Instrument Design Group carries out all aspects of electronic and mechanical design and fabrication that bring these sensors from the design board to worldwide commercial use.

3. Operations and Applications: Operation and Application Group of ITRES has skilled commercial project expertise in using mapping instruments and data. This extends from product design to large-scale airborne/ground data acquisition, data processing (on-site or remote), and production-level analysis.


ITRES' Airborne Sensor Technology

Mapping cameras include the

CASI-2 and CASI-3 (Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager), TABI (Thermal Airborne Broadband Imager), and SASI (Shortwave Infrared Airborne Spectrographic Imager).

Each analyzes reflected light in different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.



These systems are internationally recognized for their accuracy, flexibility, and low cost. A successful 14-year commercial track record in instrument sales and support has established ITRES as a world leader in airborne digital mapping technologies.

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