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Dartcom, UK

Dartcom of UK is the leading manufacturer of low cost, high quality, innovative Satellite Image Acquisition and Processing Systems for Meteorological applications. They offer Systems in fixed, marine or mobile configurations. Their innovative design for APT (Automatic Picture Transmission) Reception system has won the 1990 British Computer Society Application Award.


Dartcom manufactures a range of products for Reception and Processing of Data from Meteorological satellites both Geosynchronous as well as Polar Orbiting. They also manufacture computer controlled APT and WEFAX Receivers in both SHF and VHF frequency bands which allows fully Automatic Image capture and analysis.


Dartcom designs and develops its own hardware and software. All hardware is designed for maximum performance and reliability. Their software combines advanced functionality with ease of use.


Their range of products include:

  • HRPT Ground Stations with antenna sizes ranging from 46 cms in dia to 2.4 meters in dia.
  • APT/ WEFAX Reception & Processing Systems.
  • PDUS and DCP systems for Meteosat Data reception.
  • Active Stabilized Antenna systems for Ship borne Communications and HRPT reception.
  • SIAMIV Image Processing software for NOAA, Feng Yun, Meteosat, Sea WiFs APT and WEFAX images.
  • MODIS Data Acquisition and Processing system for Terra and Aqua Satellites.
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