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Dartcom, UK

Dartcom, UK Dartcom of UK is the leading manufacturer of Satellite Reception and Processing Systems for Meteorological Applications.

ITRES Research Limited of Canada is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial airborne mapping camera technologies (VNIR, Thermal, and Shortwave Infrared wavelengths) and their applications for environmental monitoring.

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Canada

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates of Canada is the global leaders in providing systems to receive data from orbiting satellites and processing that information into meaningful images to help manage natural resources, monitor the environment and maintain national security.

RADARSAT International (RSI), Canada

RADARSAT International (RSI), of Canada is a reputable provider of information solutions based on satellite-derived data. By combining information obtained from Earth observation (EO) satellites with other data sources such as climate/field data, baseline geographic information, and Internet-based information, they have successfully responded to the changing business needs of the spatial data community.


Reach Technologies Inc. Canada

Reach Technologies Inc. of Canada designs and manufactures High Speed Digital Data Recorders, Bit Error Rate Testers and Telemetry Ingest H/W.

Satellite Services BV, The Netherlands

Satellite Services BV is a Dutch System Engineering House specialising in design development, production and support of systems used in Satellite Communications, Testing and Integration. The company has the privilage of being involved in almost all major European Space programmes since 1985.

  Satlantic Incorporated, Canada

Satlantic Incorporated, of Canada design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of precision sensors and systems for the study of the marine environment. In addition to a range of optical sensors, they also offer sophisticated instrument integration, large scale ocean observatory design, and data extraction tools that enable real-time operational decision-making.
Tesoel AB, Sweden

Tesoel AB of Sweden manufactures a broad range of high quality RF and Microwave switches which are reputed for their high reliability and performance.
ViaSat Satellite Ground Stations Division, USA

ViaSat Satellite Ground Stations Division of Viasat Inc. (formerly Satellite Networks Division of M/s. Scientific Atlanta) of USA is the acknowledged pioneer in Remote Sensing Ground Stations and have supplied more Ground Stations than all other companies put together.
Satcom Technologies, India

Satcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. of India also has tie-ups with various other leading companies world wide for providing total solutions in the fields of Remote Sensing, Meteorology, GIS and Antenna Measurements.
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