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MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. Canada

Satcom Technologies represents Earth Observation Systems Division of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates. This Division provides Systems that monitor the planet include orbiting optical and radar satellites, sensors mounted in aircraft, and ground-based systems that acquire, process, and distribute image information. Their Earth Observation (EO) Systems receive data from orbiting satellites and process that information into meaningful images of the Earth’s surface. This information helps organizations around the world manage natural resources, monitor the environment, and maintain national security.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) is an information company that provides customers around the world with essential information used for decision making in the workplace. Operating through two groups-INFORMATION PRODUCTS and INFORMATION SYSTEMS-MDA is active in data collection, information extraction, and information distribution.


MDA's activity in monitoring the planet for security, natural resource and land management purposes has been focused on the development of satellite Earth Observation Centres. These systems collect, record, catalogue, process and store image data of the Earth's surface, and convert that data into visual information.

MDA built most of the major multi-satellite Earth Observation Centres in operation around the world today. They developed and delivered associated technology upgrades to many existing centres as well. MDA is recognized internationally for its contribution to satellite and airborne image processing and correction techniques, which paved the way for the practical application of remotely sensed image data for resource and land management.

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